Aug. 30, 2018vs. SAINT ANSELMSALISBURYLive VideoLive Stats2-1 WRecap | Box
Sep. 3, 2018@ USC AikenAiken,SCLive VideoLive Stats(OT) 1-0 WRecap | Box
Sep. 7, 2018vs. BARTONSALISBURYLive VideoLive Stats1-0 WRecap | Box
Sep. 9, 2018vs. FRANCIS MARIONSALISBURYLive VideoLive Stats3-1 WRecap | Box
Sep. 12, 2018vs. NEWBERRY*SALISBURYLive VideoLive Stats4-1 WRecap | Box
Sep. 19, 2018@ Queens*Charlotte,NCLive VideoLive Stats1-0 WRecap | Box
Sep. 22, 2018vs. LINCOLN MEMORIAL*SALISBURYLive VideoLive Stats0-2 LRecap | Box
Sep. 26, 2018vs. UNC PEMBROKESALISBURYLive VideoLive Statsccd.Recap | Box
Sep. 29, 2018@ Tusculum*Greeneville,TNLive VideoLive Stats1-3 LRecap | Box
Oct. 3, 2018vs. WINGATE*SALISBURYLive Stats2-1 WRecap | Box
Oct. 6, 2018vs. SHAWSALISBURYLive Stats6-1 WRecap | Box
Oct. 10, 2018@ Mars Hill*Mars Hill,NCLive VideoLive Stats(OT) 1-0 WRecap | Box
Oct. 14, 2018vs. COKER*SALISBURYLive VideoLive Stats5-0 WRecap | Box
Oct. 17, 2018@ Lenoir-Rhyne*Hickory,NCLive VideoLive Stats1-4 LRecap | Box
Oct. 20, 2018vs. ANDERSON*SALISBURYLive VideoLive Stats3-0 WRecap | Box
Oct. 24, 2018vs. CHOWANSALISBURYLive VideoLive Stats1-0 WRecap | Box
Oct. 27, 2018@ Carson-Newman*Jefferson City,TNLive VideoLive Stats(2OT) 1-2 LRecap | Box
Oct. 30, 2018@ Anderson (SAC Tournament - 1st Round)Anderson, S.C.Live VideoLive Stats1-0 WRecap | Box
Nov. 2, 2018vs. Carson-Newman (SAC Tournament - Semifinals)Rock Hill,SCLive VideoLive Stats1-2 LRecap | Box
Nov. 10, 2018@ Carson-Newman (NCAA II Southeast Regional)Jefferson City,TNLive VideoLive Stats0-3 LRecap | Box

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* - indicates South Atlantic Conference event
All times are local.

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